About Us


Founded by Lee Fellows on 18th November 2009, after Lee already having a successful takeaway menu forum for a few years he wanted a better and more user-friendly website. This is how he came up with this awesome site www.takeawaymenu.info

Due to the success and further development of eSale Enterprise Ltd, Lee decided to create a second company to manage and run www.takeawaymenu.info as further development required more input and help to run.


Since 24th January 2013, Takeawaymenu INFO Ltd company runs and manages the success of www.takeawaymenu.info and has shareholders to ensure the progression and input required to continue growing and developing www.takeawaymenu.info further into 2014.

Future Development

Plans for 2014 are ¬†simple…
As we have already transformed the site to be available on all devices and looking awesome with all the functionality, we plan to continue to grow our large directory of takeaway menus and create our own in-house app for Windows 8 devices, and we also hope to release our app for iPhones and iPads.